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WEPOA51 Update on Photonic Band Gap Accelerating Structure Experiment ion, experiment, wakefield, photon 807
  • J. Upadhyay, E.I. Simakov
    LANL, Los Alamos, New Mexico, USA
  Photonic band gap (PBG) structures have great potential in filtering higher order modes (HOMs) without perturbing the fundamental mode and in suppressing the wakefields. An efficient PBG structure would help a lot in terms of beam quality for high beam current future free-electron lasers (FEL). An improved design of X-band normal conducting PBG accelerating structure with elliptical rods will be presented. A comparison of cavity parameters between cylindrical and elliptical shape rod PBG structures will be shown. This new optimized PBG structure would be fabricated and tested at Argonne Wakefield Accelerator (AWA) test facility. The status of the test will be reported.  
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