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RIS citation export for THPOA63: Septum Magnet Design for APS-U

AU - Abliz, M.
AU - Borland, M.
AU - Cease, H.
AU - Decker, G.
AU - Jaski, M.S.
AU - Kerby, J.S.
AU - Wienands, U.
AU - Xiao, A.
ED - Schaa, Volker RW
ED - Power, Maria
ED - Shiltsev, Vladimir
ED - White, Marion
TI - Septum Magnet Design for APS-U
J2 - Proc. of NAPAC2016, Chicago, IL, USA, October 9-14, 2016
C1 - Chicago, IL, USA
T2 - North American Particle Accelerator Conference
T3 - 3
LA - english
AB - The Advanced Photon Source is in the process of developing an upgrade (APS-U) of the storage ring from a double-bend to a multi-bend lattice. A swap-out injection is planned for the APS-U lattice to keep a constant beam current and accommodate small, dynamic aperture. A septum magnet that has a minimum thickness of 2 mm with an injection field of 1.06 T has been designed. The stored beam chamber has an 8 mm x 6 mm super-ellipsoidal aperture. The required total deflecting angle is 89 mrad with a ring energy of 6 GeV. The magnet is straight, but is tilted in yaw, roll, and pitch from the stored beam chamber in order to meet the swap out injection requirements for the APS-U lattice. In order to minimize the leakage field inside the stored beam chamber, four different techniques were utilized in the design. As a result, the horizontal deflecting angle of the stored beam was held to only 5 ╬╝rad, and the integrated skew quadrupole inside the stored beam chamber was held to 0.09 T. The detailed techniques that were applied to the design, the field multipoles, and the resulting trajectories of the injected and stored beams are reported.
CP - Geneva, Switzerland
SP - 1231
EP - 1233
KW - ion
KW - septum
KW - injection
KW - multipole
DA - 2017/01
PY - 2017
SN - 978-3-95450-180-9
DO - 10.18429/JACoW-NAPAC2016-THPOA63
UR - https://jacow.org/napac2016/papers/thpoa63.pdf
ER -