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RIS citation export for MOA3CO03: Bunch Shape Monitor Measurements at the LANSCE Linac

AU - Draganic, I.N.D.
AU - Baros, D.
AU - Feschenko, A.
AU - Fortgang, C.M.
AU - Gaidash, V.
AU - Garnett, R.W.
AU - Kiselev, Yu.V.
AU - McCrady, R.C.
AU - O'Hara, J.F.
AU - Rybarcyk, L.
AU - Taylor, C.E.
AU - Watkins, H.A.
ED - Schaa, Volker RW
ED - Power, Maria
ED - Shiltsev, Vladimir
ED - White, Marion
TI - Bunch Shape Monitor Measurements at the LANSCE Linac
J2 - Proc. of NAPAC2016, Chicago, IL, USA, October 9-14, 2016
C1 - Chicago, IL, USA
T2 - North American Particle Accelerator Conference
T3 - 3
LA - english
AB - Two Bunch Shape Monitors (BSM) [1] have been developed, fabricated and assembled for the first direct longitudinal beam measurements at the Los Alamos Neutron Science Center (LANSCE) linear accelerator (linac). The BSM detectors use different radio frequencies for the deflecting field: first harmonic (201.25 MHz) and second harmonic (402.5 MHz) of fundamental accelerator radio frequency. The first BSM is designed to record the proton beam longitudinal phase distribution after the new RFQ accelerator at a beam energy of 750 keV with phase resolution of 1.0 degree and covering phase range of 180 degree at 201.25 MHz. The second BSM is installed between DTL tanks 3 and 4 of the LANSCE linac in order to scan both H⁺ and H⁻ beams at a beam energy of 73 MeV with a phase resolution up to 0.5 degree in the phase range of 90 degree at 201.25 MHz. Preliminary results of bunch shape measurements for both beams under different beam gates (pulse length of 150 us, 1 Hz repetition rate, etc.) will be presented and compared high performance simulation results (HPSIM) [2].
CP - Geneva, Switzerland
SP - 25
EP - 27
KW - ion
KW - linac
KW - electron
KW - target
KW - detector
DA - 2017/01
PY - 2017
SN - 978-3-95450-180-9
DO - 10.18429/JACoW-NAPAC2016-MOA3CO03
UR - https://jacow.org/napac2016/papers/moa3co03.pdf
ER -