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Yoshida, M.

Paper Title Page
TU201 The KEK C-Band RF System for a Linear Collider 256
  • H. Matsumoto, S. Takeda, S.S. Win, M. Yoshida
    KEK, Ibaraki
  • H. Baba, T. Shintake
    RIKEN Spring-8 Harima, Hyogo
  • J-O. Oh
    PAL, Pohang
  The C-band (5712 MHz) main linac has been developed just motivated by the urgent and essential physics program at the e+e- linear collider. In total ~8000 accelerating structures and ~4000 klystrons with modulators are needed for 500 GeV C.M. energy. Therefore these units have to meet strict requirements for: high reliability, simplicity, easy operation, reasonable power efficiency and low cost. This list provides a guiding principle and the boundary conditions for our design work. We have already developed the conventional and PPM type 50 MW class C-band klystrons, modulators, and HOM-free accelerator structures. The first high power an rf compressor cavity made of a low thermal expansion material was designed to provide stable operation even with a very high Q of 200 k, it was successfully operated an output rf power of 135 MW at KEK. The C-band linac rf-system will be used for the SASE-FEL project at SPring-8, but it will also serve to verify the design and components, which can eventually be deployed for the main linac rf system in a future linear collider.