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Shmelyov, M. Yu.

Paper Title Page
THP53 Quasi-Optical Components for Future Linear Colliders 730
  • S. Kuzikov, G. G. Denisov, M. Yu. Shmelyov
    IAP, Nizhniy Novgorod
  • J.L. Hirshfield
    Omega-P, Inc., New Haven, Connecticut
  This paper presents a concept of the quasi-optical RF system for future Ka-band electron-positron linear collider. According to this concept two RF feeding systems are considered: a Delay Line Distribution System (DLDS) and a pulse compressor based on the multi-mirror traveling-wave resonator. The DLDS is based on oversized waveguides. In such waveguides the so-called image multiplication phenomena are used for power launching, extracting, combining, and splitting of waves. Recent low power tests of mode launchers and other DLDS components are discussed. The 34 GHz pulse compressors, based on three and four-mirror resonators, are considered. The tests of the prototypes at a low power level under different modulation methods are discussed. The simulations and tests of mode converters, miter bends, RF loads, and other components, to be necessary for both compression systems, also are resulted.