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Reichold, A.

Paper Title Page
THP38 High Precision Survey and Alignment of Large Linear Accelerators 690
  • J. Prenting, M. Schlösser
    DESY, Hamburg
  • J. Green, G. Grzelak, A. Mitra, A. Reichold
    OXFORDphysics, Oxford, Oxon
  • A. Herty
    CERN, Geneva
  For the future linear accelerator TESLA the demanded accuracy for the alignment of the components is 0.5 mm horizontal and 0.2 mm vertical, both on each 600 m section. Other accelerators require similar accuracies. These demands can not be fulfilled with open-air geodetic methods, mainly because of refraction. Therefore the RTRS (Rapid Tunnel Reference Surveyor), a measurement train performing overlapping multipoint alignment on a reference network is being developed. Two refraction-free realizations of this concept are being developed at the moment: the first one (GeLiS) measures the horizontal co-ordinates using stretched wires, combined with photogrammetric split-image sensors in a distance measurement configuration. In areas of the tunnel where the accelerator is following the earth curvature GeLiS measures the height using a new hydrostatic leveling system. The second concept (LiCAS) is based on laser straightness monitors (LSM) combined with frequency scanning interferometry (FSI) in an evacuated system. LiCAS measures both co-ordinates with respect to its LSM-beam and is thus suitable for geometrically straight tunnel sections. Both measurement systems will be placed on a train, which could do the reference survey autonomously.