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Nigorikawa, K.

Paper Title Page
TUP70 Systematic Calibration of Beam Position Monitor in the High Intensity Proton Accelerator (J-PARC) LINAC 429
  • S. Sato, K. Hasegawa, F. Hiroki, J. Kishiro, Y. Kondo, M. Tanaka, T. Tomisawa, A. Ueno, H. Yoshikawa
    JAERI, Ibaraki-ken
  • Z. Igarashi, M. Ikegami, N. Kamikubota, S. Lee, K. Nigorikawa, T. Toyama
    KEK, Ibaraki
  In J-PARC, a MW class of proton accelerator is under construction. Improperly- tuned beam would critically result in unacceptable (>0.1%) energy loss. Systematic strategy of fine calibrations of the beam position monitor (BPM) detectors, is therefore required. First, Off-beam-line calibrations of BPMs are taken, with a dedicatedly- designed bench, which has a beam-simulating electric wire carrying 324 MHz. And then discrepancies are calibrated for each BPM between reconstructed electrical center of pick-up plates and measured mechanical center, before the installation of BPM on the beam line. Secondly, after BPMs are installed on the beam line, real beam is used for systematic calibrations (Beam Based Calibration (BBC)). The discrepancies are calibrated between electromagnetic center of Q-magnets and reconstructed beam position. In KEK we have the first stage of J-Parc LINAC with Ion source, RFQ, DTL, Q- and steering-magnets, and lots of BPMs. Implementation of BBC is going with SAD-language, which can also be used for beam steering and beam trajectory simulations, e.g. TRACE-3D. In this presentation, such strategic BPM calibration system will be intensively described.