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Knobloch, J.

Paper Title Page
TUP43 The Superconducting CW Driver Linac for the BESSY-FEL User Facility 363
  • J. Knobloch
    BESSY GmbH, Berlin
  A CW FEL User Facility for the VUV to soft X-ray spectral range based on a cascaded HGHG-FEL scheme is planned at the BESSY site. The Technical Design Report has recently been submitted to the German Wissenschaftsrat. Beam acceleration to 2.3 GeV is provided by a 144-cavity superconducting driver linac based on TESLA technology modified for CW operation. Initially, a high-rep-rate normal-conducting photoinjector will be used but a fully CW superconducting version is being investigated for a future upgrade. Bunch compression to 2 kA peak current is achieved in a three-stage scheme involving two bunch compressors and an arc. An overview of the linac layout, including the rf and cryogenic distribution, is provided here. We also discuss the impact of CW operation and the modifications to the TESLA technology that are necessary. Predictions of the linac performance are also given.