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Comte, N.

Paper Title Page
MOP73 Development of a Permanent Magnet ECR Source to Produce a 5 mA Deuteron Beam at CEA/Saclay 192
  • R. Gobin, D.D. De Menezes, O. Delferriere, R. Ferdinand, F. Harrault
    CEA/DAPNIA-SACM, Gif-sur-Yvette Cedex
  • P.-Y. Beauvais, G. Charruau, Y. Gauthier
    CEA/DSM/DAPNIA, Gif-sur-Yvette
  • N. Comte
    CEA/Saclay, Gif-sur-Yvette
  • P. Lehérissier, J.Y. Pacquet
    GANIL, Caen
  The high intensity light ion source, SILHI, is an ECR ion source operating at 2.45 GHz which produces high intensity (over 100 mA) proton or deuteron beams at 95 keV. It has been moved in the IPHI building after a complete dismantling. At the beginning of 2003, after tuning the source parameters at standard values, the first extracted beam reached more than 70 mA within a few minutes. This encouraged us to propose a permanent magnet source based on the SILHI design to fit in with the injector of the Spiral2 project, requesting 5 mA of D+ beam with an energy of 40 keV and a normalized rms emittance lower than 0.2 π·mm·mrad. The new source has been recently assembled and the first beam (proton) extracted. After a brief source description, the preliminary results will be reported and discussed.