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Becker, R.

Paper Title Page
TUP11 High current RFQ using laser ion source 315
  • M. Okamura, R.A. Jameson, J. Takano, K. Yamamoto
    RIKEN, Saitama
  • R. Becker, A. Schempp
    IAP, Frankfurt-am-Main
  • T. Fujimoto
    AEC, Chiba
  • T. Hattori, N. Hayashizaki
    TIT, Tokyo
  • Y. Iwata, S. Shibuya
    NIRS, Chiba-shi
  • H. Kashiwagi
    JAERI/ARTC, Gunma-ken
  A new RFQ was fabricated for very high current heavy ions. The designed target current is 100 mA with cabon 4+ beam. Acceleration test result will be reported at the conference.