About JACoW, the Site
JACoW is the site for the publication of the proceedings of

APAC, EPAC, PAC ( merging into IPAC from 2010), ABDW, BIW, COOL, CYCLOTRONS, DIPAC, ECR, FEL, ICALEPCS, ICAP, LINAC, North American PAC (from 2011), PCaPAC, RuPAC, SRF

  • Publish conference proceedings on the internet, delivering high performance (print quality, quality and speed of visualisation etc.) documents to users
  • Provide a custom interface which allows searching the proceedings with boolean searches on keywords, title, authors and in the full text
  • Provide templates for the preparation of conference papers
  • Provide help and information to authors concerning preparation of documents for electronic publication
  • Publish conference meta-data for the Open Archives Initiative (OAI)
  • Maintain a set of user profiles for accelerator conferences
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