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Title Updates, Status and Experiments of CLEAR, the CERN Linear Electron Accelerator for Research
  • P. Korysko
    Oxford University, Physics Department, Oxford, Oxon, United Kingdom
  • J.J. Bateman, C.S. Robertson
    JAI, Oxford, United Kingdom
  • R. Corsini, M. Dosanjh, L.A. Dyks, A. Gilardi, V. Rieker
    CERN, Meyrin, Switzerland
  • W. Farabolini
    CEA-DRF-IRFU, France
  • K.N. Sjobak
    University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway
Abstract The CERN Linear Accelerator for Research (CLEAR) at CERN is a test facility using a 200 MeV electron beam. In 2020 and 2021, a few hardware upgrades were done: comparators for position measurements were added on components, the in-air experimental area was re-arranged in order to provide more space, a robotic system was built to enable remote samples manipulations for irradiation studies, the BPM reading system was optimized and the laser double-bunch system implemented to allow for a doubling of the electron bunch frequency from 1.5 GHz to 3 GHz. In the paper, we describe such improvements, we outline the experimental activities during 2021 and illustrate the diverse program for the next 4 years, including high doses’ irradiation studies for medical applications.
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Conference IPAC2022
Series International Particle Accelerator Conference (13th)
Location Bangkok, Thailand
Date 12-17 June 2022
Publisher JACoW Publishing, Geneva, Switzerland
Editorial Board Frank Zimmermann (CERN, Meyrin, Switzerland); Hitoshi Tanaka (RIKEN, Hyogo, Japan); Porntip Sudmuang (SRLI, Nakhon, Thailand); Prapong Klysubun (SRLI, Nakhon, Thailand); Prapaiwan Sunwong (SRLI, Nakhon, Thailand); Thakonwat Chanwattana (SRLI, Nakhon, Thailand); Christine Petit-Jean-Genaz (CERN, Meyrin, Switzerland); Volker R.W. Schaa (GSI, Darmstadt, Germany)
Online ISBN 978-3-95450-227-1
Online ISSN 2673-5490
Received 08 June 2022
Revised 15 June 2022
Accepted 16 June 2022
Issue Date 28 June 2022
DOI doi:10.18429/JACoW-IPAC2022-THPOMS030
Pages 3022-3025
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