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BiBTeX citation export for WEPAB065: Studies of the Energy Recovery Performance of the PERLE Project

  author       = {K.D.J. André and S.A. Bogacz and B.J. Holzer},
  title        = {{Studies of the Energy Recovery Performance of the PERLE Project}},
  booktitle    = {Proc. IPAC'21},
  pages        = {2744--2747},
  eid          = {WEPAB065},
  language     = {english},
  keywords     = {linac, cavity, HOM, electron, radiation},
  venue        = {Campinas, SP, Brazil},
  series       = {International Particle Accelerator Conference},
  number       = {12},
  publisher    = {JACoW Publishing, Geneva, Switzerland},
  month        = {08},
  year         = {2021},
  issn         = {2673-5490},
  isbn         = {978-3-95450-214-1},
  doi          = {10.18429/JACoW-IPAC2021-WEPAB065},
  url          = {https://jacow.org/ipac2021/papers/wepab065.pdf},
  note         = {https://doi.org/10.18429/JACoW-IPAC2021-WEPAB065},
  abstract     = {{The Powerful Energy Recovery Linac for Experiments (PERLE) is an accelerator facility for the development and application of the energy recovery technique for an intense 500 MeV electron beam. The paper presents the studies that have been performed to assess the quality of the ERL lattice design and beam optics. The studies include the Coherent Synchrotron Radiation (CSR) emission and wakefields in the superconducting radio-frequency structures of the linacs. The lattice design and optics principles of the ERL structure are discussed, involving the vertical deflection system and the 180° arcs. Finally, the results of the front-to-end tracking simulations that consider the complete multi-turn energy recovery process are presented.}},