Author: Potylitsyn, A.
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MOPMR015 Optical Fibers as a Tool for Gamma Beam Diagnostics at Medical Electron Accelerators 258
  • A.I. Novokshonov, V.I. Bespalov, A. Potylitsyn, D.A. Shkitov, S.R. Uglov, A.V. Vukolov
    TPU, Tomsk, Russia
  Funding: This work was partially supported by the Russian Ministry of Education and Science within the program "Nauka" Grant № 3.709.2014/K.
The existing techniques for gamma beam diagnostics at medical accelerators based on X-ray films have several disadvantages such as insufficient spatial resolution, difficult realization and off-line mode. In the works*,** a feasibility of Cherenkov radiation (CR) in glass fibers for charged particle beam diagnostics was demonstrated. An application of glass fibers scanning for gamma beam diagnostics may have a lot advantages including a possibility of on-line measurements. For this goal we used optical fiber with 0.6 mm diameter and length up to 10 m. An efficiency of CR generation in such fibers and signal attenuation in a long fiber were investigated using the Tomsk microtron electron beam. The shape of gamma beam field produced by the medical SL-75-5MT 6 MeV electron accelerator was measured using the proposed technique. It is shown there it is possible to measure not only gamma beam spatial distribution, but also its angular distribution.
* Wulf, F. and Korfer, M. 2009 Proc. DIPAC2009 411.
** Murokh, A., Agustsson, R., Boucher, S., Frigola, P., Hodgetts, T., Ovodenko, A., Ruelas, M. and Tikhoplav, R. 2012 Proc. IPAC2012 996.
DOI • reference for this paper ※ DOI:10.18429/JACoW-IPAC2016-MOPMR015  
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MOPMR016 A New Approach for the Electron Beam Diagnostic Using Diffraction Radiation Disphase Target 261
  • D.A. Shkitov, G.A. Naumenko, A. Potylitsyn
    TPU, Tomsk, Russia
  • J. Urakawa
    KEK, Ibaraki, Japan
  Funding: The work was partially supported by the RFBR grant No 15-52-50028.
Since 1995, when the diffraction radiation (DR) from relativistic particles was first observed*, the development of new approaches using the DR for charged particle beam diagnostics is continued. The DR appears when charged particle moves close to the media and the electromagnetic field interacts with it. A rather well-known non-invasive diagnostic method of transversal bunch size is to use a slit target**. In paper*** the optical DR from disphase target was proposed to use for non-invasive diagnostics of high energy electron beam. Disphase target consists of the two rectangular flat plates inclined with respect to each other at an angle compared with 1/g, where g is the Lorentz-factor. Recently the feasibility of the disphase target usage for the 6 MeV electron beam size diagnostics was investigated****. In this report we present the further research of the disphase target beam diagnostics. The simulations of the spectral-angular DR characteristics from this target and it application for diagnostics aim are shown. These calculations confirm an applicability of this technique for micron size beam measurements for the case of g>1000.
*Y. Shibata et al. //PRE 52, 6787 (1995)
**P. Karataev et al. //PRL 93, 244802 (2004)
***G. Naumenko et al. //Proc. of PAC TOAD004, 404 (2005)
****E.V. Kornoukhova et al. //JPCS, in press (2016)
DOI • reference for this paper ※ DOI:10.18429/JACoW-IPAC2016-MOPMR016  
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