Author: Namekawa, A.
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TUPOY055 Study on Electro-polishing of Nb Surface by Periodic Reverse Current Method with Sodium Hydroxide Solution 2020
  • J. Taguchi, A. Namekawa
    Nomura Plating Co, Ltd., Osaka, Japan
  • H. Hayano, T. Saeki
    KEK, Ibaraki, Japan
  • C.E. Reece, H. Tian
    JLab, Newport News, Virginia, USA
  Electropolishing is one of the best methods of Nb surface finishing of the superconducting cavity to obtain high accelerating gradient. Mixed solution of hydrofluoric acid and sulfuric acid is generally used in the electropolishing of Nb. But this solution is very dangerous and because the corrosion of the metal occurs by hydrofluoric acid, all equipment must be made of high density polyethylene or fluorocarbon resin. This causes the expensive cost of electropolishing instrument. In addition, this solution produces sulfur compound on the Nb surface in the electropolishing reaction. This sulfur compound can be field emission sources on the inner surface of cavity and degrades acceleration performance. In this poster, we report noble electropolishing method using periodic reverse current and sodium hydroxide solution. The reaction produces no sulfur content and the equipment is less expensive because the instrument can be made of usual plastic material. As the result of experiments with Nb-coupon samples, we found that the surface roughness is equivalent to the conventional electropolishing method.  
DOI • reference for this paper ※ DOI:10.18429/JACoW-IPAC2016-TUPOY055  
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