Author: Madey, J.
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TUPOW051 Optimization of Electron Beam and Laser Pulse Alignment and Focusing at Interaction Point for a Compact FEL Based Inverse-Compton Scattering X-Ray Source 1881
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  • P. Niknejadi, J. Madey
    University of Hawaii, Honolulu,, USA
  Funding: This work was funded under the Department of Homeland Security Grant No. 2010-DN-077-ARI045.
In July 2015, the first beam of 10 keV X-rays from our FEL based inverse-Compton scattering X-ray source was detected.* In this setup, 3 micron laser pulses at 2.856 GHz repetition rate from a free electron laser are collided head-on with 40 MeV electron bunches driving the laser. To attain our objective the ebeam was required to have 1) a tight focus at the X-ray interaction point, 2) vertical and horizontal envelopes matched to the downstream undulator, 3) minimized transverse dimensions for low ionizing radiation. Optimization of these quantities required information on the evolution of the beam profiles between the beam spot images on the available insertable screens, leading to the need for a simulator to accurately trace the beam profiles through the system. A simulator was developed and used to optimize the system Twiss parameters by comparing the effectiveness of the beam profiles computed by fitting the profiles to the observed beam spot images along the beamline for different cathode positions. This method proved to be considerably more flexible and effective than the more traditional quadrupole scan technique. Summery of the designed system and results are provided.
* John M. J. Madey, ARI final report, December 2015.
DOI • reference for this paper ※ DOI:10.18429/JACoW-IPAC2016-TUPOW051  
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