Author: Lee, Y.
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THPMB032 Design Study and Multi-particle Tracking Simulation of the IH-DTL with KONUS Beam Dynamics for KHIMA Project 3299
  • Y. Lee, E.-S. Kim
    Korea University Sejong Campus, Sejong, Republic of Korea
  • G. Hahn
    KIRAMS, Seoul, Republic of Korea
  • Z. Li
    SCU, Chengdu, People's Republic of China
  The Korea Heavy Ion Medical Accelerator (KHIMA) project of the Korea Institute of Radiological and Medical Sciences (KIRAMS) has developed heavy ion medical accelerator. The injector system of the accelerator for the KHIMA project is composed of a low energy beam transport line (LEBT), radio frequency quadrupole (RFQ), interdigit H-mode drift tube linac (IH-DTL), and medium energy beam transport line (MEBT). The IH-DTL is designed with KONUS beam dynamics, and KONUS indicates a combined 0˚ structure. Optimization aims are to increase the quality of the beam and to reduce the beam loss. KONUS beam dynamics design and multi-particle tracking simulations of the IH-DTL with LORASR and TraceWIN code are performed.  
DOI • reference for this paper ※ DOI:10.18429/JACoW-IPAC2016-THPMB032  
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