Author: Kim, H.T.
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Stabilization of GeV Electron Beams by Coherent Control of LWFA Process  
  • H.T. Kim
    APRI-GIST, Gwangju, Republic of Korea
  Laser-driven compact particle accelerators have been one of the hottest research topics owing to the potential to overcome the limitations on conventional accelerators. Recently, advancement of laser technology has enabled the generation of PW pulses, which is opening the door to the new regime of laser-particle accelerations. In this talk, the author presents a new method to stabilize multi-GeV electron beams by manipulating the spectral phase of PW laser pulses, coherently controlling the laser wake-field acceleration process. They have demonstrated the stable generation of 2-GeV electron beams in a 1-cm gas cell of He using the PW Ti:Sapphire laser system.  
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