Author: Kanai, T.
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TUPOY006 Improvement of Scanning Irradiation in Gunma University Heavy Ion Medical Center 1914
  • H. Souda, T. Kanai, K. Kikuchi, Y. Kubota, A. Matsumura, H. Shimada, M. Tashiro, K. Torikai, M. Torikoshi, S. Yamada, K. Yusa
    Gunma University, Heavy-Ion Medical Research Center, Maebashi-Gunma, Japan
  • T. Fujimoto
    AEC, Chiba, Japan
  • E. Takeshita
    Kanagawa Cancer Center, Ion-beam Radiation Oncology Center in Kanagawa, Kanagawa, Japan
  Funding: Work collaborated with Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Ltd. Work supported by JSPS Kakenhi 26860395, Program for Cultivating Global Leaders in Heavy Ion Therapeutics and Engineering by MEXT of Japan.
Gunma University Heavy Ion Medical Center (GHMC) is a compact heavy ion treatment facility* and have experienced 5 years of successful treatment operation. GHMC has 3 treatment room using broad beam (wobbling) irradiation system and 1 experimental irradiation room for the research and development of a spot-scanning irradiation. During the study toward the treatment, several improvements were done in both accelerator and irradiation system. For accelerators, slow extraction from a synchrotron using a transverse rf field is tested**. Compared with conventional extraction system of rf acceleration, ripples of the beam spill (peak to bottom ratio) is reduced from almost 100% to 60%; the deviation of the beam center position and the deviation of the beam size (1σ) are reduced to the order of 0.1 mm. For irradiation system, regularly operation for biological experiments has started form June 2014. In order to shorten the experiment time, 2-dimensional optimization of the irradiation planning was carried out. After the optimization, the irradiation time was reduced by 30% with keeping the dose uniformity within ±2.5%.
* T. Ohno et al., Cancers, 3, 4046 (2011)
** K. Noda et al., Nucl. Instrum. Meth. A492, 253 (2002)
DOI • reference for this paper ※ DOI:10.18429/JACoW-IPAC2016-TUPOY006  
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