Author: Handel, Z.
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THEA01 Learn to Read Korean: An Introduction to the Hangul Alphabet 3207
  • Z. Handel
    University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, USA
  In the mid 15th century the Korean scholar-king Sejong invented Hangul, the native Korean alphabet. This was the beginning of a long process by which Hangul has gradually supplanted Chinese characters as Korea's primary script, a process which is still ongoing today. This presentation will introduce the historical and cultural background behind the invention of Hangul and describe the systematic linguistic principles on which it is based. The 1446 text that introduced Hangul proclaimed that it was so simple that "a wise man can master it in a morning, and even a stupid person can learn it in ten days." We will put this claim to the test by attempting to learn to read Korean during the 30-minute presentation.  
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