Author: Feldmeier, E.
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TUPOY004 Recommissioning of the Marburg Ion-beam Therapy Centre (MIT) Accelerator Facility 1908
  • U. Scheeler, Th. Haberer, C. Krantz, S.T. Sievers, M.M. Strohmeier
    MIT, Marburg, Germany
  • R. Cee, E. Feldmeier, M. Galonska, K. Höppner, J.M. Mosthaf, A. Peters, S. Scheloske, C. Schömers, T.W. Winkelmann
    HIT, Heidelberg, Germany
  The Marburg Ion-Beam Therapy Centre (MIT), located in Marburg, Germany, is in clinical operation since 2015. MIT is designed for precision cancer treatment using beams of protons or carbon nuclei, employing the raster scanning technique. The accelerator facility consists of a linac-synchrotron combination, developed by Siemens Healthcare/Danfysik, that was in a state of permanent stand-by upon purchase. With support from its Heidelberg-based sister facility HIT, the MIT operation company (MIT Betriebs GmbH) recommissioned the machine in only 13 months, reaching clinical standards of beam quality delivered to all four beam outlets. With the first medical treatment in October 2015, MIT became the third operational hadron beam therapy centre in Europe offering both proton and carbon beams.  
DOI • reference for this paper ※ DOI:10.18429/JACoW-IPAC2016-TUPOY004  
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