Author: Chiu, P.C.
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WEPOW040 Preliminary Beam Test for TPS Fast Orbit Feedback System 2930
  • P.C. Chiu, K.T. Hsu, K.H. Hu, C.H. Huang, C.Y. Liao
    NSRRC, Hsinchu, Taiwan
  TPS (Taiwan Photon Source) is a 3 GeV synchrotron light source which had be successfully commissioning with SRF up to 500 Amp in 2015 and scheduled to open user operation in 2016. As most of the 3rd generation light source, the fast orbit feedback system would be adopted to eliminate various disturbances and improve orbit stability. Due to the vacuum chamber material made of aluminum with higher conductivity and lower bandwidth, extra fast correctors mounted on bellows will be used for FOFB correction loop and DC correction of fast correctors would be transferred to slow ones and avoid fast corrector saturation. This report summarizes the infrastructure of the FOFB and the preliminary beam test is also presented.  
DOI • reference for this paper ※ DOI:10.18429/JACoW-IPAC2016-WEPOW040  
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THPMB050 The Commmissioning of Phase-I Insertion Devices in TPS 3360
  • M.-S. Chiu, C.H. Chang, C.H. Chen, J. Chen, J.Y. Chen, Y.-S. Cheng, P.C. Chiu, P.J. Chou, T.Y. Chung, S. Fann, K.H. Hu, C.H. Huang, J.C. Huang, C.-S. Hwang, C.-C. Kuo, T.Y. Lee, C.C. Liang, Y.-C. Liu, H.-J. Tsai, F.H. Tseng, C.Y. Wu
    NSRRC, Hsinchu, Taiwan
  The Taiwan Photon Source (TPS) is a low-emittance 3-GeV light source at Natioal Synchrotron Radiation Research Center, next to the Taiwan Light source (1.5 GeV). On March 26, 2015, the TPS storage ring with two 5-cell PETRA cavities has successfully operated in 100 mA in top-up mode without the installation of insertion devices (IDs). To reach the design goal of 500 mA, the machine was shut down for 5 months to replace PETRA cavitites with superconducting RF (SRF) cavities and to install 10 IDs: 7 in-vacuum undulators (IU) and 3 elliptically polarized undulators (EPU). The commissioning of TPS storage ring with SRF cavities and IDs began in Sep. 2015. In this paper, we present our results and proceedures of ID commissioning.  
DOI • reference for this paper ※ DOI:10.18429/JACoW-IPAC2016-THPMB050  
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