Author: An, D.H.
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THPMB033 Beam Tracking on the High Energy Beam Transport Line in KHIMA Medical Machine 3302
  • C.W. Park
    KIRAMS/KHIMA, Seoul, Republic of Korea
  • D.H. An, H. Yim
    KIRAMS, Seoul, Republic of Korea
  The Korea Heavy Ion Medical Accelerator (KHIMA) launched the synchrotron based hadron beam therapy facility for combined medical cancer treatment and cancer related research. The Korea Institute of Radiological & Medical Sciences (KIRAMS) synchrotron system has been designed to accelerate the particle beams having the kinetic energy interval of 60-230 MeV proton and 110-430 MeV/u carbon ions respectively. An accelerated beam from the synchrotron is transported to the patient position through the High Energy Beam Transport (HEBT) lines. In the HEBT lines, the lattice was designed with beam optics codes. In order to check and confirm the beam loss at the HEBT lines, the tracking code, TRACK, has been used with encoded field map and also with simulated field map by Opera3D code. The performances are described and also compared with two methods for manufacturing the components in the HEBT lines.  
DOI • reference for this paper ※ DOI:10.18429/JACoW-IPAC2016-THPMB033  
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