Author: Tian, S.Q.
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WEPC017 Vertical Beam Size Correction at the SSRF Storage Ring 2043
  • M.Z. Zhang, J. Hou, B.C. Jiang, H.H. Li, S.Q. Tian
    SINAP, Shanghai, People's Republic of China
  Vertical beam size is an important parameter for 3rd generation light source. Correcting the vertical beam size is a realistic way to increase brightness or beam lifetime without any additional equipments in a machine under operation. The main sources of vertical beam size are betatron coupling and vertical dispersion. At the SSRF storage ring, LOCO is used for vertical dispersion and coupling measurements and corrections. The betatron coupling and vertical dispersion is corrected by skew quadrupoles that calculated by LOCO. Vertical beam size can be changed from 10s um to several um for different purposes. Touschek lifetime is also measured to testify the vertical beam size. Simulations show that if smaller vertical beam size is required, more skew quadrupoles are needed.