Author: Telada, S.
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MOPO023 Laser-based Alignment System at the KEKB Injector Linac 529
  • M. Satoh, N. Iida, T. Suwada
    KEK, Ibaraki, Japan
  • K. Minoshima, S. Telada
    AIST, Tsukuba, Japan
  A laser-based alignment system is under development at the 500-m-long KEKB injector linac. The original system was designed and constructed more than thirty-years ago, and thus, we are revisiting our alignment system because the previous alignment system has become too obsolete. The new alignment system is again strongly required for the next generation SuperKEKB project. The new laser alignment system is similar to the previous one, which comprises a helium-neon laser and quadrant photodetectors installed in vacuum light pipes. A girder displacement of the accelerating structure can be precisely measured in the direction of the laser-ray trace, where the laser light must stably propagate up to 500-m downstream without any orbital and beam-size fluctuation. We tested the laser-ray propagation and the stability along a 100-m-long beam line under a vacuum condition of 0.1-1 Torr. In this paper, we will report the system description and test results in detail.