Author: Schenk, M.
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MOPC081 Pulsed Mode Operation and Longitudinal Parameter Measurement of the Rossendorf SRF Gun 262
  • J. Teichert, A. Arnold, H. Büttig, M. Justus, U. Lehnert, P. Michel, P. Murcek, Ch. Schneider, R. Schurig, R. Xiang
    HZDR, Dresden, Germany
  • T. Kamps, J. Rudolph, M. Schenk
    HZB, Berlin, Germany
  • I. Will
    MBI, Berlin, Germany
  Funding: The European Community-Research Infrastructure Activity under the FP7 program (EuCARD, contract number 227579) the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research grant 05 ES4BR1/8.
The Rossendorf SRF gun with a 3 1/2 cell cavity has been operated since 2007. It has produced CW beam with the electron energy of 3 MeV and the average current up to 16 μA. The electron beam of the gun has successfully injected the ELBE superconducting linac since 2010. The Nb cavity has shown constant quality during the operation and for the Cs2Te photocathode life time of months could be obtained. Recently the gun started to run in the pulsed mode with higher gradient. The longitudinal parameters have been measured in this mode. The dark current arose from the high gradient is studied. The main field emission source has been found to be the half cell. Meanwhile, two modified 3+1/2 cell niobium cavities have been fabricated and tested in Jlab. In this paper the new status of the SRF gun will be presented, and the latest results of the beam experiments will be discussed.