Author: Saugnac, H.
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WEPS092 High Energy Beam Line Design of the 600MeV, 4 mA Proton Linac for the MYRRHA Facility 2721
  • H. Saugnac
    IPN, Orsay, France
  The general goal of the CDT project is to design a FAst Spectrum Transmutation Experimental Facility (FASTEF) able to demonstrate efficient transmutation and associated technology through a system working in subcritical and/or critical mode. A superconducting LINAC, part of the MYRRHA facility, will produce a 600 MeV, 4 mA proton beam and transport it to the spalation target located inside the reactor core. On this paper we focus on the final beam line design and describe optic simulations, beam instrumentation, integration inside the reactor building, mechanical and vacuum aspects as well as a preliminary design of the 2.4 MW beam dump located at the end of the accelerator tunnel.