Author: Perrot, L.
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TUPC070 SAFARI, an Optimized Beam Stop Device for High Intensity Beams at the SPIRAL2 Facility 1162
  • E. Schibler
    IN2P3 IPNL, Villeurbanne, France
  • L. Perrot
    IPN, Orsay, France
  The SPIRAL2 facility at GANIL-Caen is now in its construction phase, with a project group including the participation of many French laboratories (CNRS, CEA) and international partners. The facility will be able to produce various accelerated beams at high intensities: 40 MeV Deuterons, 33 MeV Protons with intensity until 5mA and heavy ions with A/Q=3 up to 14.5MeV/u until 1mA current. We will present the final status of the 200kW beam stop located in the high energy beam transport lines. From the beam characteristics (HEBT line up to beam stop) and activation constraints, we studied and developed a complete design of a new high efficiency Beam Stop that has been nicknamed SAFARI (Système Arrêt Faisceau Adapté Rayons Intenses - Optimized Beam Stop Device for High Intensity Beams). Special focus will be done on the adequacy between beam dynamic and thermo-mechanical behavior. The Beam Stop shape marries to the beam characteristics in order to smooth for the best power density and improve thermo-mechanical behavior under nominal and critical beams. Optimization by various fluids studies and calculations led us to a new high efficiency counter-current water cooling system.