Author: Pérolat, A.
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MOPC079 Status of the Low Beta 0.07 Cryomodules for SPIRAL2 256
  • P. Bosland, P. Carbonnier, F. Eozénou, P. Galdemard, O. Piquet
    CEA/DSM/IRFU, France
  • M. Anfreville, C. Madec, L. Maurice
    CEA/IRFU, Gif-sur-Yvette, France
  • P.-E. Bernaudin, R. Ferdinand
    GANIL, Caen, France
  • Y. Gomez-Martinez
    LPSC, Grenoble Cedex, France
  • A. Pérolat
    CEA, Gif-sur-Yvette, France
  The status of the low beta cryomodules for SPIRAL2, supplied by the Irfu institute of CEA Saclay, is reported in this paper. We summarise in three parts the RF tests performed on the cavities in vertical cryostat, the RF power tests of the qualifying cryomodule performed in 2010 and the RF power tests performed in 2011 on the first cryomodule of the series