Author: Gomez, Y.
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MOPC137 Medium Power 352 MHz Solid State Pulsed RF Amplifiers for the CERN Linac4 Project 400
  • J.C. Broere, J. Marques Balula
    CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  • Y. Gomez
    LPSC, Grenoble Cedex, France
  • M. Rossi
    DBE, Padova, Italy
  Economic, modular and highly linear pulsed RF amplifiers have recently been developed to be used for the three Buncher cavities in the CERN Linac4. The amplifiers are water cooled and can provide up to 33 kW pulsed RF power, 1.5 msec pulse length and 50 Hz repetition rate. Furthermore a 60 kWatt unit is under construction to provide the required RF Power for the Debuncher cavity. The concept is based on 1.2 kW RF power modules using the latest 6th generation LDMOS technology. For integration into the CERN control environment the amplifiers have an internal industrial controller, which will provide easy control and extended diagnostic functions. This paper describes the construction, performance, including linearity, phase stability and EMC compliance tests.