Author: Gaupp, A.
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THPC154 Shimming of the Dynamic Field Integrals of the BESSY II U125 Hybrid Undulator 3248
  • J. Bahrdt, W. Frentrup, A. Gaupp, M. Scheer, I. Schneider, G. Wüstefeld
    HZB, Berlin, Germany
  Within a continuous program the BESSY II undulators are prepared for Topping-Up operation. The BESSY II U125 planar hybrid undulator has a period length of 125 mm and a pole width of only 60 mm. The horizontal defocusing of the 1.7 GeV e-beam may result in a significant reduction of the horizontal dynamic aperture, reducing the injection efficiency when injecting into the closed gap. The dynamic field integrals are derived from a 2D-Fourier decomposition of the 3D-field. An analytic description of the dynamic multipoles based on the Fourier coefficients is presented. Magic fingers have been installed in order to minimize the dynamic field integrals and to enlarge the good field region of the device.  
THPC155 Modification of the BESSY II Optic for the Implementation of a Small Gap Undulator 3251
  • J. Bahrdt, K.B. Bürkmann-Gehrlein, V. Dürr, W. Frentrup, A. Gaupp, A. Jankowiak, P. Kuske, J. Rahn, M. Scheer, P.O. Schmid, G. Wüstefeld
    HZB, Berlin, Germany
  At BESSY there is an increasing demand for photons in the range from 60 eV to 8 keV available at the same experimental station. The photons will be produced by a combination of two adjacent undulators, one of them will be a small period cryogenic undulator. Several optics schemes for the 1.7 GeV BESSY II storage ring are discussed to install the undulators. Two types of straight sections exist. A high beta straight with betaxmin=15 m and betaymin=4.5 m and a low beta straight with betaxmin=betaymin=1 m. We discuss the present plan, which clearly favours a small detuning of an existing low beta straight to shift the low beta waist to the centre of the low gap undulator, with only minor impact to the machine.  
THPC156 Performance of the PETRA III APPLE II Undulator 3254
  • J. Bahrdt, W. Frentrup, A. Gaupp, M. Scheer
    HZB, Berlin, Germany
  • K. Balewski, J. Keil, A. Schöps, M. Tischer
    DESY, Hamburg, Germany
  A 5m-long APPLE II undulator has been built in collaboration between Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin and DESY Hamburg. Magnetic field measurements after the final shimming in the laboratory are presented. The device has been installed in the storage ring and machine studies have been performed. The tune shifts in the elliptical and the inclined mode are in agreement with predictions from theory. The dynamic field integrals have successfully been minimized in the storage ring with so-called L-shims (rectangular iron sheets) which are placed at the undulator center at the magnet edges.