Author: Donetti, M.
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THPS069 Particle Beam Characteristics Verification for Patient Treatment at CNAO 3586
  • M. Donetti, M. Ciocca, M.A. Garella, A. Mirandola, S. Molinelli, M. Pullia, G. Vilches Freixas
    CNAO Foundation, Milan, Italy
  • S. Giordanengo
    INFN-Torino, Torino, Italy
  • M. Lavagno
    DE.TEC. TOR. S.r.l., Torino, Italy
  • R. Sacchi
    Torino University, ., Torino, Italy
  At Centro Nazionale di Adroterapia Oncologica (CNAO) in Pavia, Italy, a synchrotron has been designed to treat tumor with protons and ions delivered with a full active delivery system. Several pencil beams with appropriate energy are steered in sequence to the right positions inside the tumor volume covering it totally. Several beam characteristics have to be deeply known in order to be able to deliver a safe patient treatment. CNAO is now able to send beam in the treatment room and the Dose Delivery system is in the commissioning phase. Dose Delivery system, composed by beam monitoring and scanning magnets, manages the treatment with high precision in real time. The dose delivery system functions and components will be presented. Beam characteristic are studied by means of several detectors and verification systems in the treatment room to guarantee the quality of the treatment. Quality is checked in terms of pencil beam characteristics and characteristic of the overall dose in the treatment fields. The detector used and the results of the measurements will be shown.