Author: Chen, C.S.
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THPC146 The Radiated EMI Isolation for TPS Kicker Magnet* 3227
  • C.S. Chen, C.K. Chan, C.L. Chen, Y.L. Chu, K.H. Hsu, C.Y. Kuo, Y.-H. Liu, C.-S. Yang
    NSRRC, Hsinchu, Taiwan
  Electromagnetic interference is a critical problem for electronic equipment, especially for those sophisticated measuring sensors using in TLS. Therefore, lots of efforts have been made to isolate the EM noise from the kicker magnets. In this article, different thicknesses of aluminum chambers are applied to block the radiated EM noise. Furthermore, the different widths of slits simulate the necessary openings on kicker assembly. According to the results of small-scale experiment, some parameters are obtained to design the enclosure of kicker magnet. Compared the results with the data from the original scale kicker, these parameters provide a believable guideline in the beginning of design status.