Author: Burato, G.
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WEPS006 CNAO RF System: Hardware Description. 2493
  • L. Falbo, G. Burato
    CNAO Foundation, Milan, Italy
  • M.M. Paoluzzi, G. Primadei
    CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  CNAO is the Italian National Center of Oncological Hadrontherapy in Pavia. Proton beams are accelerated in the synchrotron and extracted in the energy range 60 to 250 MeV/u and carbon ion beams in the energy range 120 to 400 MeV/u. Trapping at the injection energy of 7 MeV/u and acceleration up to the extraction energy are done by an RF cavity which covers the needed wide range of frequency (0.4 to 3 MHz) and voltage (25 V to 5 kV) thanks to the use of a Vitrovac amorphous alloy. RF Gymnastics, including phase jumps to increase the momentum spread and empty bucket channelling, is requested and has been performed. A description of the hardware characteristics of the CNAO RF system and of its performance in terms of dynamic and static behaviour are reported in this paper.