Author: Aleksandrov, A.V.
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MOOCB03 A Novel Method for Quasi-non-interceptive Beam Profile Measurement in a Linac 50
  • A.V. Aleksandrov
    ORNL, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA
  Funding: SNS is managed by UT-Battelle, LLC, under contract DE-AC05-00OR22725 for the U.S. Department of Energy.
Beam profile diagnostics is an important tool for understanding beam dynamics in accelerators. Non-interceptive diagnostics have many great advantages but often are difficult in implementation. We suggest a method of measuring beam profiles that is not truly non-interceptive, because beam has to be intercepted at some point, preferably in the beginning of the linac. But significant difference from a conventional interceptive measurement is that beam is not intercepted at any of the points of measurement along the linac. One important application is measuring beam profiles within cryostats of a super-conducting linac. The equipment required for implementing this diagnostic is simple: a set of slits in the beginning of the accelerator, and a Beam Position Monitor (BPM) in the point of measurement. Beam profiles can be measured simultaneously at every BPM along the linac. In this paper we will discuss details of the method, its limitations, and effect of non-linearity, coupling and space charge. Results of a demonstration experiment at SNS will be presented and discussed.
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