Author: Zytniak, L.    [Żytniak, Ł.]
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MOPV033 Web Client for Panic Alarms Management System 206
  • M. Nabywaniec, M. Gandor, P.P. Goryl, Ł. Żytniak
    S2Innovation, Kraków, Poland
  Alarms are one of the most important aspects of control systems. Each control system can face unexpected issues, which demand fast and precise resolution. As the control system starts to grow, it requires the involvement of more engineers to access the alarm’s list and focus on the most important ones. Our objective was to allow users to access the alarms fast, remotely and without special software. According to current trends in the IT community, creating a web application turned out to be a perfect solution. Our application is the extension and web equivalent to the current Panic GUI application. It allows constant remote access using just a web browser which is currently present on every machine including mobile phones and tablets. The access to the different functionalities can be restricted to the users provided just with appropriate roles. Alarms can be easily added and managed from the web browser as well as adding new data sources is possible. From each data source, an attribute can be extracted, and multiple attributes can be combined into composer being the base for further analysis or alarms creation.  
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About • Received ※ 09 October 2021       Revised ※ 25 October 2021       Accepted ※ 04 November 2021       Issue date ※ 06 January 2022
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Ximea XiApi Camera Plugin for Lima  
  • G.W. Kowalski, Ł. Żytniak
    S2Innovation, Kraków, Poland
  The XiApi pluign for Lima provides support for Ximea cameras using the XiApi interface. In addition to standard Lima interface, the plugin supports many of additional and camera specific features. This allows using Ximea cameras in experiments developed for other Lima cameras as well as enables detailed camera configuration. The plugin was tested at ESRF with a MX377MR PCIe camera and will soon be available via the esrf-bcu conda channel.  
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