Author: Nozik, A.A.
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Controls.kt - a multiplatform API for device servers  
  • A.A. Nozik
    MIPT, Dolgoprudniy, Moscow Region, Russia
  Funding: JetBrains Research
Large-scale control frameworks have a number of features, but they share several problems which make them hard to use for small-scale setups: * In order to control a single device, one needs to perform a complicated setup of industrial-scale applications and network tools. * Different systems have incompatible data protocols in their core, so a device, designed for one system, could not be plugged into another one. * Designing the device server requires a deep understanding of the system it is used in. * Most device server use synchronous calls, which impacts system scaleability. Controls.kt ( is an experimental lightweight device server API based on the Kotlin-Multiplatform technology, which allows it to be used in conjunction with most other systems. It is designed with asynchronous communication in mind and does not rely on any specific transport protocol. Instead one can create lightweight connectors to external frameworks to make it easily portable from one control system to another.
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