Author: Nikiel, P.P.
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OPC UA Controls for ATCA Back-End Electronics  
  • P. Moschovakos, P.P. Nikiel, S. Schlenker
    CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  The AdvancedTCA standard is employed as a back-end platform by system upgrades of ATLAS replacing the VME standard for new electronics systems. To extend the ATLAS controls functionality, a solution based on the OPC UA middleware was developed, managing ATCA shelves via their shelf manager SNMP interface and providing control and monitoring of the device. While focusing on ATCA, the solution is compatible with the broader range of xTCA device family. The ATCA OPC UA server, a modularized software application, models selected parts of the ATCA standard functionality in an object-oriented design. Code generation techniques are used to implement the selected device functions. The SNMP based back-end is a C++ wrapper of the Net-SNMP library and provides a generic interface to any SNMP device. In addition, the solution provides features such as hardware discovery to automatically create a device map, making their functionality available to OPC UA clients. Finally, a set of associated tools, allowing for easy client deployment in the SCADA applications, are part of the ATCA software solution making the integration into the ATLAS controls an easy and efficient task.  
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