Author: Michalik, D.
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THBR01 Renovation of the Trigger Distribution in CERN’s Open Analogue Signal Information System Using White Rabbit 839
  • D. Lampridis, T. Gingold, A. Poscia, M.H. Serans, M.R. Shukla, T.P. da Silva
    CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  • D. Michalik
    Aalborg University, Aalborg, Denmark
  The Open Analogue Signal Information System (OASIS) acts as a distributed oscilloscope system that acquires signals from devices across the CERN accelerator complex and displays them in a convenient, graphical way. Today, the OASIS installation counts over 500 multiplexed digitisers, capable of digitising more than 5000 analogue signals and offers a selection of more than 250 triggers for the acquisitions. These triggers are mostly generated at a single central place and are then distributed by means of a dedicated coaxial cable per digitiser, using a "star" topology. An upgrade is currently under way to renovate this trigger distribution system and migrate it to a White Rabbit (WR) based solution. In this new system, triggers are distributed in the form of Ethernet messages over a WR network, allowing for better scalability, higher time-stamping precision, trigger latency compensation and improved robustness. This paper discusses the new OASIS trigger distribution architecture, including hardware, drivers, front-end, server and application-tier software. It then provides results from preliminary tests in laboratory installations.  
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About • Received ※ 09 October 2021       Accepted ※ 21 December 2021       Issue date ※ 06 February 2022  
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