Author: Evans, G.G.
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TUPV025 Control System of Upgraded High Voltage for Atlas Tile Calorimeter 443
  • F. Martins, F.M.O. Cuim, G.G. Evans, R.P. Fernandez, A. Gomes, L. Gurriana
    LIP, Lisboa, Portugal
  • J.A. Soares Augusto
    FCUL, Lisboa, Portugal
  The preparation of the upgrade of the ATLAS electronics for the High Luminosity LHC is in full swing. The Tile Calorimeter is preparing the upgrade of its readout electronics and power distribution systems. One of such systems is the High Voltage (HV) regulation and distribution system. The new system is based on HVRemote boards mounted in crates located at the counting room. The HV will be delivered to the on-detector electronics using 100 m long cables. The crates will be equipped with a system-on-chip that will be responsible for the control and monitoring of the HV boards. The control of the HVRemote and its dedicated HVSupply boards is done by means of a serial peripheral interface bus. A SCADA component is under development to communicate with and supervise the crates and boards, and to integrate the HV system in the control system of the detector. The control system will be able to send notifications to the operators when the monitored values are out of range, archive the monitored data and if required, perform automated actions.  
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