Author: Durandeau, H.
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MOPV003 Laser Megajoule Facility Operating Software Overview 104
  • J-P. Airiau, V. Denis, H. Durandeau, P. Fourtillan, N. Loustalet, P. Torrent
    CEA, LE BARP cedex, France
  The Laser MegaJoule (LMJ), the French 176-beam laser facility, is located at the CEA CESTA Laboratory near Bordeaux (France). It is designed to deliver about 1.4 MJ of energy on targets, for high energy density physics experiments, including fusion experiments. The first bundle of 8-beams was commissioned in October 2014. By the end of 2021, ten bundles of 8-beams are expected to be fully operational. Operating software tools are used to automate, secure and optimize the operations on the LMJ facility. They contribute to the smooth running of the experiment process (from the setup to the results). They are integrated in the maintenance process (from the supply chain to the asset management). They are linked together in order to exchange data and they interact with the control command system. This talk gives an overview of the existing operating software and the lessons learned. It finally explains the incoming works to automate the lifecycle management of elements included in the final optic assembly (replacement, repair, etc.).  
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