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BiBTeX citation export for FRAR02: canone3: A New Service and Development Framework for the Web and Platform Independent Applications*

  author       = {G. Strangolino and L. Zambon},
  title        = {{canone3: A New Service and Development Framework for the Web and Platform Independent Applications*}},
  booktitle    = {Proc. ICALEPCS'21},
  pages        = {1023--1028},
  eid          = {FRAR02},
  language     = {english},
  keywords     = {controls, interface, TANGO, operation, framework},
  venue        = {Shanghai, China},
  series       = {International Conference on Accelerator and Large Experimental Physics Control Systems},
  number       = {18},
  publisher    = {JACoW Publishing, Geneva, Switzerland},
  month        = {03},
  year         = {2022},
  issn         = {2226-0358},
  isbn         = {978-3-95450-221-9},
  doi          = {10.18429/JACoW-ICALEPCS2021-FRAR02},
  url          = {https://jacow.org/icalepcs2021/papers/frar02.pdf},
  abstract     = {{On the wake of former web interfaces developed at ELETTRA as well as in other institutes, the service and development framework for the web and platform independent applications named PUMA has been substantially enhanced and rewritten, with the additional objectives of high availability, scalability, load balancing, responsiveness and customization. Thorough analysis of Websocket limits led to an SSE based server technology relying on channels (Nchan over NGINX) to deliver the events to the clients. The development of the latter is supported by JQuery, Bootstrap, D3js, SVG and QT and helps build interfaces ranging from mobile to dashboard. Ultimate developments led to successful load balancing and failover actions, owing to the joint cooperation of a dedicated service supervisor and the NGINX upstream module.}},