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Title Centralized System Management of IPMI Enabled Platforms Using EPICS
  • K. Vodopivec
    ORNL, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA
Abstract Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) is a specification for computer hardware platform management and monitoring. The interface includes features for monitoring hardware sensors like fan speed and device temperature, inventory discovery, event propagation and logging. All IPMI functionality is accessible without the host operating system running. With its wide support across hardware vendors and the backing of a standardization committee, it is a compelling instrumentation for integration into a control system for large experimental physics projects. Integrating IPMI into EPICS provides the benefit of centralized monitoring, archiving and alarming integrated with the facility control system. A new project has been started to enable this capability by creating a native EPICS device driver built on the open-source FreeIPMI library for the remote host connection interface. The driver supports automatic system components discovery for creating EPICS database templates, detailed device information from Field Replaceable Unit interface, sensor monitoring with remote threshold management, geographical PV addressing in PICMG based platforms and PICMG front panel lights readout.
Funding This work was supported by the U.S. Department of Energy under contract DE-AC0500OR22725.
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Conference ICALEPCS2019
Series International Conference on Accelerator and Large Experimental Physics Control Systems (17th)
Location New York, NY, USA
Date 05-11 October 2019
Publisher JACoW Publishing, Geneva, Switzerland
Editorial Board Karen S. White (ORNL, Oak Ridge, TN, USA); Kevin A. Brown (BNL, Upton, NY, USA); Philip S. Dyer (BNL, Upton, NY, USA); Volker RW Schaa (GSI, Darmstadt, Germany)
Online ISBN 978-3-95450-209-7
Online ISSN 2226-0358
Received 02 October 2019
Accepted 09 October 2019
Issue Date 30 August 2020
DOI doi:10.18429/JACoW-ICALEPCS2019-WEBPP02
Pages 887-890
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