Table of Sessions
MOOPL Opening Session
MOKPL Keynote Speaker
MOAPL Project Status Report 1
MOBPL Software Technology Evolution 1
MOCPL Integrating Diverse Systems
MODPL Control System Upgrades
TUKPL Keynote Speaker
TUAPL Hardware Technology
TUBPL User Interfaces and User eXperience (UX) 1
TUBPA Data Management and Processing
TUIPA Industry Session
TUCPL Timing and Synchronization
TUCPA Data Analytics
TUDPL Software Technology Evolution 2
TUMPL Mini-Oral
TUMPA Mini-Oral
TUPHA Poster Session
TUSH1 Speakers' Corner
TUSH2 Speakers' Corner
TUSH3 Speakers' Corner
WEAPL Feedback Control and Process Tuning
WEBPL Experiment Control 1
WEKPL Keynote Speaker
THKPL Keynote Speaker
THAPL User Interfaces and User eXperience (UX) 2
THBPL Software Technology Evolution 3
THBPA IT Infrastructure for Control Systems
THCPL Systems Engineering, Collaborations and Project Management
THCPA Functional Safety and Machine Protection Systems
THDPL Experiment Control 2
THMPL Mini-Oral
THMPA Mini-Oral
THPHA Poster Session
THSH1 Speakers' Corner
THSH2 Speakers' Corner
THSH3 Speakers' Corner
FRKPL Keynote Speaker
FRAPL Project Status Report 2
FRBPL Workshops Summary
FRXPL Closing Remarks