Author: Truchard, J.T.
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Keynote. Customized COTS Technologies Through Industry – Research Facility Partnership  
  • J.T. Truchard
    National Instruments, Austin, USA
  The current economic climate has put even more focus on keeping projects under budget and on time while using the latest technology to meet the needs of measurement, diagnostic, and control systems. Commercial off-the‐shelf (COTS) systems take advantage of innovations in the computer industry and the hundreds of millions of dollars devoted to R&D – domain experts can now benefit from FPGAs as wells as multicore CPUs and GPUs without being specialists on these technologies. Through collaborations between industry and research facilities, engineers can customize these technologies while keeping costs low to achieve faster computing and loop rates. With every project lasting 15 to 20 years, obsolescence management is yet another key benefit of industry‐research collaborations. At this session, examine the technological and business benefits of this type of partnership.  
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