Author: Susini, J.
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The Challenges of Managing a Big Upgrade  
  • J. Susini, P. Duru, A. Götz
    ESRF, Grenoble, France
  After 20 years of building up one of the world's first 3rd generation synchrotron sources the ESRF has embarked on an ambitious Upgrade Program. The Upgrade Program includes a major upgrade of the accelerator complex the RF system and insertion devices, 8 new beamlines and a number of extended beamlines. The ESRF has been reorganised to manage the upgrade. At the same time as the Upgrade Program started the Instrumentation and Services Division (ISDD) has been setup. The ISDD regroups all competences required to build advanced instrumentation needed by the beamlines and accelerators. To manage the Upgrade Program and building the new beamlines the ESRF and the ISDD in particular has decided to introduce project management. This paper will describe what project management techniques have been adopted and the challenges and difficulties encountered while doing so. It will also describe the challenges encountered trying to unify solutions and modernise after 20 years of separate development. The project management and technical solutions adopted will be presented.
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