Author: Reiswich, E.
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Plant Information Modeling in Prototype Control Systems  
  • E. Reiswich
    University of Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany
  The world of control systems can be roughly divided into mature, well established systems and one-of-a-kind, prototype control systems. Developing prototype control systems is a challenging task as there are no comparable systems that can serve as blueprints. As software engineers we've been working in the realm of prototype control systems for over 5 years. During this time we noticed various recurrent problems we had to solve over and over again. Looking out for help in science and industry we've found a gap between research activities in the Control Layer and in the Human Machine Interface layer. While the Control Layer seems to attract the majority of research interest, the HMI layer seems to be rather a side show. The majority of problems we've identified developing prototype control systems at the HMI Layer can be put down to a missing plant information model. The world of plant information modeling is currently dominated by versatile object-oriented methods as well as emerging techniques like CAEX and OPC UA. Approaching these concepts from the software engineering side raises however many questions on how to adapt these concepts to existing control systems and software tools. In this talk we give a brief overview of common problems we've identified developing prototype control systems, present the state of the art in plant information modeling and propose a service oriented, minimally invasive solution which we've been able to evaluate for over one year with our industry partner. Finally we point at challenges we haven't found solutions for yet.