Author: Jones, R.J.
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How Many Marriages Last 10 Years? A tale of Industrial Relations for Accelerator and Experiment Controls at CERN  
  • R.J. Jones
    CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  Funding: The work of the CERN openlab project is funded jointly by CERN and the openlab industrial partners: HP - Intel Corporation - Oracle – Siemens.
The CERN environment is highly reliant on industrial control systems such as control actuators, remote profibus Input/Output modules, PLCs and SCADA systems. The LHC accelerator and experiments are examples of large-scale industrial plants and, as such, are of great interest to commercial companies. CERN and the LHC collaborations work closely with ETM, the provider of the SCADA system, and Siemens for PLCs and other devices within the context of the CERN openlab project. For nearly 10 years the CERN openlab project has been bringing together leading companies to evaluate and integrate cutting-edge technologies and services. The CERN openlab project is a highly visible example of a successful public-private partnership. Through close collaboration with these companies, CERN acquires early access to technology that is not yet commercialised. In return, CERN offers expertise and a highly demanding environment for pushing new technologies to their limits and provides a neutral ground for carrying out advanced R&D. This presentation will explain why the CERN openlab project came into existence and how it has evolved over the last decade. Examples of the technical achievements from the control domain will be highlighted. The motivations and expectations of CERN as a research organisation and the industrial partners as commercial companies will be explored as well as the experiences gained and lessons learnt. Through this presentation, the audience will gather insights into how research organisations could build their own win-win model for industrial relations.
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