Author: Dimper, R.D.
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PaN-data, the Photon and Neutron Open Data Infrastructure Project  
  • R.D. Dimper
    ESRF, Grenoble, France
  The PaN-data collaboration brings together some of the major multidisciplinary research infrastructures in Europe to construct and operate a sustainable data infrastructure for the European Neutron and Photon laboratories. Such a unique infrastructure will enhance all research done in this community, by making data accessible, preserving the data, allowing experiments to be carried out jointly in several laboratories and by providing powerful tools for scientists to remotely interact with the data. The presentation will introduce the PaN-data FP7 project, highlight its potential benefits and then focus on the challenges which will be addressed in the months and years to come, like the management of large data rates and data sets, standardized annotation of the data, transparent and secure remote access to data, and long-term data preservation.  
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