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Yuan, R.

Paper Title Page
TPPB20 SSRF Beam Instrumentations System 205
  • J. Chen, Y. Z. Chen, Z. C. Chen, D. K. Liu, K. R. Ye, C. X. Yin, J. Yu, L. Y. Yu, R. Yuan, G. B. Zhao, W. M. Zhou, Y. Zou, Y. B. Leng
    SINAP, Shanghai
  SSRF is equipped with various beam instrumentations, in which the Linac part has been working well since the start of the commissioning this year, and the booster and storage ring parts are still under implementation and commissioning. The commercial products were adopted to build this system as much as possible. The all-in-one electron beam position monitor processor, Libera, was used for whole facility to provide single-pass, first-turn, turn-by-turn, COD, and fast application beam position data. The Bergoz NPCT175 parametric current transformers were used for DC current measurement in the booster and storage ring. The various optical beam diagnostic systems, such as synchrotron radiation interferometers for precise beam-size measurement, the fast gated camera, and the bunch length monitor will be equipped in the dedicated diagnostics beam line. Data acquisition for beam instrumentation system should be a part of control system, developed on an EPICS platform. There are three kinds of Input Output Controllers (IOCs) used in diagnostics: VxWorks-based VME IOCs, Linux-based Libera IOCs, and Windows-based PC IOCs.